Fun Facts About Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana and all its Goodness

  1. A Marijuana-derived compound called Cannabidol, forces the cancer cells to freeze and prevents them from spreading. Cannabidol has shown to stop metastasis in many aggressive forms of cancer.
  2. The Orthodox Union, which bills itself as offering the "worlds most recognized and trusted kosher certification," has declared after a year of deliberation that medical marijuana is kosher and using it while sick is considered a "mitzvah" { the Jewish equivalent to a good deed}
  3. Marijuana is legal in North Korea and is not classified as a drug. In a country where famine is a way of life having the munchies might not be such a good idea though
  4. Uruguay became the first country in 2013, to make it legal to grow, consume and sell marijuana. Adults over the age of 18 may purchase up to 40 grams a month from the Uruguayan government. Cultivators can grow 6 crops a year and shall not pass 480 grams. Buying Cannabis is illegal for foreigners though so do not get your hopes up if your planning on travelling there
  5. The first online internet purchase was from a group of Stanford students buying a bag of marijuana from some M.I.T students around 1970
  6. There is a very popular marijuana milkshake in India called BHANG
  7. The U.S governments official expert on marijuana from 1938-1962 once testified under oath that he had smoked marijuana and it had turned him into a bat
  8. In Italy, Rastafarians are legally allowed to posses marijuana, due to the fact that its a "sacrament to their religion"
  9. In 1949 the US government created a synthetic version of marijuana called Dimethylheptylpyran. 1 mg can have effects lasting 3 days
  10. A marijuana smoker would have to by theory smoke 1500 pounds of pot in 15 minutes to be able to overdose! That being said it definitely doesn't take that long to "green out" which will make you feel very nauseous






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